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Microphone Sound Editing

Anne Fickel

Professional Audio Editing & Podcast Management Services

You, as a podcast host, are a visionary. You are creative and want to move, entertain and inform your listeners. But because podcasting is more than just hitting the record button, it's easy to get mired down in all the nitty gritty details of sound quality, editing, guests and promotion. The whole process can start to feel labor-intensive and tedious.  

Let me free you up!


Hire a podcast manager to bring you freedom to create content and focus on your big picture concepts.

Allow a second pair of ears to hone your podcast to be the concise and polished package it should be...drawing your listeners in and keeping them with you throughout the entire episode!

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The Riot Podcast
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Podcast Producing
Audio Editing
Social Media Element Creation
Promotional Strategy
Podcast Audits
Guest Management
Podcast Launch

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What started out as a fun, college radio show has turned into something that I enjoy! I love the process of taking raw audio and making it into a thing of beauty.


I am a fun-loving, list-making, creative that enjoys the process of helping health, education and mom podcasters to do things with excellence.


Working with me is easy because I am very responsive and I have a willing attitude.


When I'm not working with podcasts, I'm homeschooling my two teenage boys and enjoying wine tastings with my friends!

Anne Fickel, Remote Podcast Manager

Why Optimize Your Podcast?

Producing a quality-sounding podcast shows the world you value your listeners time and you want them to enjoy the listening process. It says you’re not just another hobbyist taking to the microphone and that you take your podcast and busines seriously. It communicates that you believe in what you’re doing, even if it requires a little more investment or sweat-equity on your part.

Differentiate yourself from the myriad of other podcasts out there who are fighting for the time and attention of your listeners!

Book a time with me to talk about your needs and how I can help.

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Extra Services


Podcast Audit

Creating a successful show is so much more than hitting "record". Allow me to listen to several episodes of your podcasts, assess your social strategy, and look at how your podcast feels with a new listener's perspective.  I will provide written feedback and even a 30-minute phone call to discuss the things you do well and ways to improve your podcast. It's will be a a comprehensive review of your show!

The actual audit process takes little to no time on your end!


Private Podcasting

Did you know you don't have to have a podcast to give your potential buyers a taste of your important content?

Private podcasts are an private link you give to potential buyers which allowing them a look at your valuable content without the financial buy-in of your high ticket items. It gives you a place to nurture potential members, providing them with a wonderful taste of your service and providing it for a fraction of the cost of your course (or for free!) But there's more.

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"Anne is a creative thinker. Not only does she accomplish the specific task at hand, but she will think through the ramifications of a particular request and offer suggestions to enhance the overall impact. It is priceless to find a resource that will not only get the job done but who will also participate strategically in the overall project." -Gail Walls, CommunicaWorld


"Thank you, Anne, for your insight and expertise. You are a wonderful assest to our team. The episodes sound fantastic and I'm excited to try out some new ideas that you have. Thank you! "


-Carrie M Holt, Take Heart Special Moms

Take Heart Special Moms Podcast Client Audiogram


“Anne is professional, friendly, and easy to work with. I found her to be honest in all aspects. In particular, I appreciate Anne's communication style and her commitment to our project. She studied our target market and provided lots of ideas/suggestions to improve upon. I happily and confidently recommend her services.”

-Monica Curtis, The Kindling Project Podcast

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Let me give you back the joy of having a podcast!

Custom quote based on your needs and your budget. Request a free quote - no obligation!

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