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4 MORE Tips for Improving Your Podcast Game From a Podcast Manager

Updated: Jan 22

As you get rolling in your podcast, sometimes you can get in the weeds feeling like you are alone and doing it all! You are the driver of your podcast, the creative and the person who influences the vision of your work. Doing the editing, social media, and writing plus the guest management are a necessary evil! But there are ways around some of those. Let's look at a few MORE ways in improve your podcast game.

5. OUTSOURCE: Hire an editor and podcast manager, someone like me, as quickly as possible. Recording and NOT having to edit is just a fabulous moment in a podcaster's journey. Having us manage the editing, show note creation, uploading to host, and even analyzing your data can be an amazing way to take the heavy load of podcasting and put it on our shoulders.

A podcaster working hard on providing excellent content
Outsourcing allows you to focus on the content and not on the editing and promotions.

6. MONETIZE: Let your podcast earn you money! Figure out how to monetize if that's your goal: using ads can earn you great moola. 

7. SCHEDULE: Making taking a "Season" to do your show will work for you. Pick a main topic perhaps and find the best quality guests, and decide how many episodes in each season you want to do. This way, you don't have to release all year round if that's not your goal. 

8. PROTECT THE BRAND: It's a HARD line to walk, but find a way to respectfully retain your right to publish. If an episode isn't up to your standard, don't publish it. You may find that some interviews are just off brand. Pre-interviewing and getting a feel for your future guests may help you hone your content and help you to see clearly whether the planned content is worth doing. Don't water down your focus because it's just easier.  

Anne Fickel is a podcast manager who loves helping other people make quality products. She has a black lab named Sharpie and 2 teenage boys. You can find her on Facebook and on Instagram @notfickle7.

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