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4 Tips for Improving Your Podcast Game From a Podcast Manager

Updated: Jan 22

Getting a podcast started can be a daunting task. There are some things you could do that would simplify the process and make it easier to repeat for each episode.

1. BE KIND: With yourself! Having the responsibilities of interviewing, editing, and advertising has a learning curve. Give yourself lots of grace. Interviewing is a SKILL and we all improve with time.

2. PRE-INTERVIEW: It may feel like extra work, but getting to know the direction and details the guest covers will be invaluable to guiding them along in the interview. If they have notes, you can ask for them. This helps creating the show notes that much easier. 

Female podcasters talking with each other.
Podcasting at it's finest. Working together to create fabulous content.

3. AUTOMATE: Set up some templates to automate everything, from recording schedules to information collection. If you have guests, automate getting as much info from your guest as possible. Use forms that have places to add all the info from… titles, bios, photos from your guest or your subject. This also keeps everything in one place. 

4. BATCH Process: Have interview days where you record for hours back to back. Then have editing days where all you do is edit. Days when you are designing all the episode covers and show notes. It helps you feel productive and allows you to get things done more efficiently.

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